Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 8 sách Kết nối tri thức có cuộc sống Unit 8 lớp 10 International success

Bài tập Unit 8 lớp 10 International success tổng hợp những dạng bài tập trọng tâm yêu thích có mọi đối tượng học sinh lớp 10 có học lực từ trung bình, khá tới nhiều năm kinh nghiệm.

Bài tập Unit 8 New Methods Lớn Study lớp 10 bao gồm nhiều dạng bài tập có nhiều ý hỏi, phủ kín tri thức của toàn bài. Qua đấy giúp khách hàng củng cố, nắm vững chắn chắn tri thức ứng dụng, vận dụng có những bài tập cơ bản; học sinh có học lực khá, nhiều năm kinh nghiệm nâng cao tư duy và kỹ năng giải đề. Đồng thời đây cũng là tài liệu hữu ích để khách hàng ôn thi Tiếng Anh 10 5 2022 – 2023 đạt kết quả phải chăng.

Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 8 sách Kết nối tri thức



1. Who: dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ người, làm cho chủ ngữ trong mệnh đề quan hệ, sau Who là “be/V”.

Ex: The person is Mr. Pike. He’s standing over there.

=> The person who’s standing over there’s Mr. Pike.

2. Whom: dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ người, làm cho tân ngữ trong mệnh đề quan hệ, sau Whom là “a clause”.

Ex: That’s the woman. I instructed you about her.

=> That’s the woman whom I instructed you about.

Observe: Whom làm cho tân ngữ có thể được bỏ đi trong mệnh đề quan hệ xác định.

3. Which: which dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ vật, làm cho chủ ngữ hoặc tân ngữ trong mệnh đề quan hệ.

Ex: The costume could be very stunning. I purchased it yesterday.

=> The costume which I purchased yesterday could be very stunning.

Observe: Which làm cho tân ngữ có thể được bỏ đi trong mệnh đề quan hệ xác định.

4. That: là đại từ chỉ cả người và vật, đứng sau danh từ để làm cho chủ ngữ hoặc tân ngữ trong mệnh đề quan hệ.

Ex: That is the guide. I prefer it finest.

=> That is the guide that I like finest.

Observe: + Sau dấu phẩy ko bao giờ dùng that

+ That luôn được dùng sau những danh từ hỗn tạp (gồm cả người lẫn vật) every part, one thing, something, all little, a lot, none và sau dạng so sánh nhất.

5. Whose: là đại từ quan hệ chỉ sở hữu. Whose đứng trước danh từ chỉ người hoặc vật và thay thế thế cho tính từ sở hữu hoặc sở hữu bí quyết trước danh từ. Sau whose là 1 danh từ.

Ex: John discovered a cat. Its leg was damaged.

=> John discovered a cat whose leg was damaged.


1. When: dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ thời kì, When được thay thế cho at/on/in + danh từ thời kì hoặc then.

Ex: Could Day is a day. Folks maintain a gathering on that day.

=> Could Day is a day when individuals maintain a gathering.

2. The place: dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ nơi chốn, When được thay thế cho at/on/in + danh từ nơi chốn hoặc there.

Ex: Are you aware the nation? I used to be born.

=> Are you aware the nation the place I used to be born?

3. Why: dùng để thay thế thế cho danh từ chỉ lí do. Why thay thế cho for which.

Ex: I do not know the rationale. She left him alone.

=> I do not know the rationale why she left him alone.


Bài 1: Select the perfect reply lớn full the sentence.

1. She is speaking concerning the creator _________ guide is likely one of the best-sellers this 12 months.

A. which B. whose C. that D. who

2. He purchased all of the books_________are wanted for the following examination.

A. that B. what C. these D. who

3. The children_________parents are well-known academics, are taught properly.

A. thatB. whom C. whoseD. their

4. Are you aware the boy_________we met on the social gathering final week?

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A. which B. whose C. the place D. whom

5. The workout routines which we’re doing _________ very simple.

A. isB. has been C. areD. was

6. The person _________ subsequent lớn me stored speaking through the movie, _________ actually ennoyed me.

A. having sat/ that B. sitting/ which C. lớn sit/ what D. sitting/ who

7. Was Neil Armstrong the fisrt particular person _________ set foot on the moon?

A. when B. whichC. who D. whom

8. That is the village in _________ my household and I’ve lived for over 20 years.

A. which B. thatC. whom D. the place

9. My mom, _________ everybody admires, is a well-known instructor.

A. whereB. whom C. which D. whose

10. The previous constructing _________ is in entrance of my home fell down

A. of whichB. which C. whose D. whom

Bài 2: Select the proper relative pronoun (who, which, whose).

1. I That is the financial institution _________ was robbed yesterday.

2. A boy _________ brother is in my class was within the financial institution at the moment.

3. The person _________ robbed the financial institution is my previous good friend.

4. He wore a masks _________ made him appear to be Mickey Mouse.

5. He got here with a good friend _________ waited exterior within the automotive.

6. The girl _________ gave him the cash was younger.

7. The bag _________ contained the cash was yeilow.

8. The individuals _________ have been within the financial institution have been very frightened.

9. A person _________ cellular was ringing didn’t know what lớn do.

10. A girl _________ daughter was crying tried lớn calm her.

Bài 3: Rewrite the sentences utilizing who, whose and which.

1. A tiger is an animal. It is vitally sturdy.

→ A tiger___________________________________________________________

2. A novelist is an individual. He writes novels.

→ A novelist_________________________________________________________

3. A bottle opener is a tool. It opens bottles.

→ A bottle___________________________________________________________

4. The woman speaks French. Her mom writes poems.

→ The girl___________________________________________________________ .

5. A detective is somebody. He discovers the reality about crimes.

→ A detective_________________________________________________________

Bài 4: Full the textual content with relative pronoun/ adverbs.

My daughter (1)_______ is learning English at Oxford is happening vacation. Her boyfriend Tim invited her lớn London (2)_______ he purchased a brand new home final month. She is placing all her garments into the suitcase (3)_______ she has simply purchased. Her sister, (4)______ has nothing higher lớn do is watching her. The prepare (5)________ she goes lớn catch leaves at 11 a.m. Tim, (6)_________ home she goes lớn keep in, is a physician too. Tim is coing for her lớn the station in a brand new automotive (7)________ his dad and mom gave him for his birthday. His dad and mom are coming lớn London too. My daughter, (8)________ has by no means met them earlier than, could be very enthusiastic about it.

Bài 5: Underline any relative pronouns that may be not noted in these sentences.

1. I feel that my boss is the particular person whom I like most.

2. We’re taking the prepare that leaves at 6.00.

3. Have you ever seen the guide that I left on the desk?

4. My radio, which isn’t very previous, has instantly stopped working.

5. Final week I bumped into an previous good friend whom I hadn’t seen for ages.

6. The couple who met me on the bus cease took me out lớn dinner.

7. The bag through which the robbers put the cash was discovered later.

8. I actually just like the tea which you made me this morning.

Bài 6: Rewrite every pair of sentences as one sentence utilizing relative pronouns within the brackets.

1. We wish lớn go to a temple. 11 opens at 7.00. (that)

→ The temple________________________________________________________ .

2. A boy s bike was taken. He went lớn the police station. (whose)

→ The boy __________________________________________________________

3 A good friend met me on the airport. He carried my suitcase. (who)

→ The good friend _________________________________________________________

4. Nam cooked a meal. It was scrumptious. (that)

→The meal __________________________________________________________

5. The good friend is staying with me. She comes from Vietnam. (who)

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→ The good friend _________________________________________________________

6. I discovered man’s pockets. He gave me a reward. (whose)

→ The man_________________________________________________________

7. I’m going lớn the store within the centre. It’s cheaper. (that)

→ The store within the centre ______________________________________________

8. I went lớn a woman’s social gathering. She phoned me. (whose)

→ The woman _________________________________________________________

Bài 7: Select the proper relative pronoun (who, which, whose).

1. I talked lớn the person _________ automotive had damaged down in entrance of the store.

2. Mr Nick, _________ is a taxi driver, lives on the nook.

3. We frequently go to our uncle in Hanoi, _________ is the capital metropolis of Vietnam.

4. That is the woman _________ comes from Japan.

5. That is Tim. the boy _________ has simply arrived on the airport.

6. Thanks very a lot in your guide _________ could be very fascinating.

7. That man, _________ father is a professor, forgot his umbrella.

8. The youngsters, _________ shouted on the street, usually are not from our faculty.

9. The automotive, _________ driver is a younger man, is from Korea.

10. What did you do with the cash _________ your mom lent you?

Bài 8: Select the proper reply within the brackets.

1. A lodge is a spot (which/ the place) individuals keep once they’re on vacation.

2. What is the title of the lady (who/ whose) lives In that home?

3. What do you name somebody (which/ that) writes laptop applications?

4. A waiter is an individual (that/ whose) job is lớn serve clients in a restaurant.

5. Overalls are cloches (the place/ which) individuals put on lớn defend their garments when they’re working.

6. Is that the store (the place/ that) you purchased your new máy tính xách tay?

7. He’s the person (who/ whose) son performs soccer for Liverpool

8. Mark did not get the job (that/ the place) he utilized for.

Bài 9: Select the proper relative pronoun or relative adverb

1. The girl __________ is sitting on the desk is Mr. John’s secretary.

2. I can’t keep in mind the rationale __________ he wished us lớn depart.

3. Kelly, __________ mom is a doctor, is superb at biology.

4. She did not see the snake __________ was mendacity on the bottom.

5. Are you aware the store __________ Michael picked me up?

Bài 10: Mix the sentences with relative clauses. (Resolve whether or not lớn use commas or not)

1. A monk is a person. The person has devoted his life lớn God.


2. I’ve one black cat. His title is Mickey.


3. A herbivore is an animal. The animal feeds upon vegetation.


4. Sue performs the piano very properly. She is simply 8 years previous.


5. Sydney is the biggest Australian metropolis. It isn’t the capital of Australia.


Bài 11: Select the letter A, B, C or D lớn point out the underlined half that wants correction.

1. The person for (A) who the police (B) are wanting (C) robbed (D) the financial institution final week.

2. In the present day, (A) the variety of individuals (B) whom moved into this metropolis (C) is nearly double (D) that of twenty years in the past.

3. They work (A) with (B) an individual (C) his title (D) is John.

4. (A) The person (B) whom you (C) are searching for (D) residing on this neighborhood

5. (A) His father warned (B) him not (C) repeating (D) that mistake once more

6. My mom (A, will fly lớn Hanoi (B) that’s (C) the capital metropolis (D) of Wetnam

7. She (A) is (B) the.most stunning woman (C) whose I’ve (D) ever met

8. Each scholar (A) who (B) majors in English (C) are prepared lớn take part (D) on this contest.

Bài 12: Full the sentences with relative pronouns/ adverbs.

1. Let me see the letter _________ you’ve written.

2. Is there anyone_________can assist me do that?

3. Mr. Brown, _________ is simply 34, is the director of this firm.

4. I do know a Place _________roses develop in abundance.

5. It was the nurse_________ instructed me lớn are available.

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6. The Trainer with _________ we studied final 12 months not teaches in our faculty.

7. They confirmed me the hospital _________ buildings had been destroyed by US bombings.

8. We noticed many troopers and tanks _________ have been transferring lớn the entrance.

Bài 13: Mix the sentences, utilizing relative clauses.

1. Most people converse German. They reside in Australia.


2. This bus is not operating at present. It goes lớn Hung Yen.



I. Full the sentences, utilizing relative clauses.

1. On the classroom weblog, a instructor can add video and picture illustrations on particular topics, which/ who can assist college students be taught simply.

2. Dad and mom whose/ who’ve lớn pay for cellular gadgets could also be pleased with the brand new technique of educating and its advantages.

3. College students will take pleasure in doing many actions, together with video games, puzzles, who/ whose functions are the event of staff spirits.

4. A number of college students which/ who’re ready lớn cảm biến and work together with the sensible desk on the similar time will work collectively extra successfully.

5. The educational functions which/ who college students can take part in utilizing the sensible desk will encourage them lớn work collectively lớn resolve issues.

6. There are interactive actions which/ who can be found lớn be downloaded from the Web.

7. The sensible desk has been utilized in a number of colleges, which/ who brings many advantages lớn our college students.

8. It’s an digital machine which/ who college students can begin utilizing as quickly because the instructor has turned it on, with out a whole lot of coaching earlier.

9. Academics which/ who introduce actions lớn the entire class can work with smaller teams on the sensible desk lớn introduce discussions about the subject material.

10. The functions which/ who include the sensible desk can assist college students be taught numerous topics at college.

II. Put the proper phrase within the field lớn full the sentences beneath.













1. The phrase ‘_________________________ natives’ refers lớn people who find themselves aware of computer systems and the Web from an early age.

2. The Web will ________________________________ college students lớn examine extra successfully.

3. Please do not ask him questions on his household. He hates answering ________________________ questions.

4. Our college students are very excited once they have alternatives lớn do _______________________ train.

5. My son, who’s a promising pianist, is now excited about composing ________________________ music.

6. Many academics have now understood the ____________________________ that cellular gadgets can convey.

7. I am searching for some new ______________________ lớn placed on my smartphone lớn enhance my English pronunciation.

8. The ringing sound from cell phones is _____________________ and annoying within the classroom.

9. Folks at the moment are aware of the time period m-learning or _______________________ studying, which focuses on the usage of private electrical gadgets.

10. Within the grammar a part of this unit we examine _________________________ clauses.

11. That máy tính xách tay, which has the most recent ________________________, could be very costly.

12. A few of my classmates suppose that it’s not simple lớn know which clause is ________________________ and which is non-defining.

III. Use ‘who’, ‘which’, ‘that’ or ‘whose’ lớn full every of the sentences.

1. Vinh, ___________________ is simply two and a half, likes lớn play video games on a pill.

2. My pill, __________________________ is 2 years previous, nonetheless works fairly properly.

3. Private digital gadgets __________________ distract college students from their class work are banned in most faculties.

4. College students ___________________ have smartphones can use them lớn lookup phrases in an digital dictionary.

5. Some scientists suppose that youngsters ______________________ dad and mom enable them lớn use digital gadgets early can have extra benefits sooner or later.

6. The máy tính xách tay _________________ cowl is adorned with humorous animals belongs lớn my aunt.


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