Đoạn văn tiếng Anh về sở thích nấu ăn (10 Mẫu) Viết 1 đoạn văn bằng tiếng Anh nói về sở thích của mình

Tiếng Anh

I’ve many hobbies. I like lớn journey and lớn learn. However my favorite pastime is cooking. Let me let you know why! First, I’ll let you know a bit bit about why I began cooking. Secondly, I provides you with some details about what I like lớn cook dinner. Thirdly, I’ll say how I take advantage of youtube for cooking.

Once I began cooking I used to be 10 years previous. My mom wished me lớn change into a chef. She at all times believed that women had lớn make various kinds of meals, as a result of someday they’d get married. In my nation it isn’t traditional {that a} woman can’t cook dinner. I really feel fortunate that I can cook dinner a variety of meals. Now when I’m cooking some meals that my youngsters and my husband like, I change into comfortable and I’m happy with my mom and myself.

At first I cooked straightforward issues. For instance, I cooked eggs, however steadily I acquired higher at making totally different and tougher meals. I can cook dinner Afghan Qabili. Qabili is Afghanistans hottest dish. Qabili is made with rice, meat, carrots and raisins. I may cook dinner Manto, totally different Kebabs and a variety of different issues. I like greatest lớn make meals within the weekends, as a result of making particular meals takes time and I usually have good time when I’m free within the weekends. Once I was in Afghanistan most frequently I adopted my mom and I helped her when she cooked a kind of meals. However now I cook dinner alone. I believe cooking is boring for somebody, however for me it’s attention-grabbing as a result of it’s my pastime lớn cook dinner. I additionally like lớn cook dinner meals from different nations. I thank my mom, as a result of she realized me how lớn cook dinner.

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Once I make a brand new form of meals I discover info on-line and on youtube. Once I go on youtube I get a variety of info, as a result of on youtube yow will discover and see how one can cook dinner many forms of meals. Once I need lớn cook dinner a brand new sort of meals I discover some details about what tastes good with that meals and what issues I would like lớn make that meals. Additionally it is attention-grabbing for me lớn go on youtube and see totally different meals from different nations and the way we are able to cook dinner it.

So now you already know what my favorite pastime is. I believe cooking is an efficient exercise, as a result of after I cook dinner meals it makes me busy and I’m by no means bored. Once you cook dinner totally different meals you may get a variety of info from youtube. You may also discover out what’s wholesome with this meals. Cook dinner wholesome lớn be wholesome!